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Team Members.

‘THE – SARA’ is a Non-Religious, Non-Political and Non-Sectarian Organization formed by a group of like-minded people. The diverse group consists of Doctors, Businessmen, Artists, Housewives, Engineers, Teachers and Retired Government Employees.

Ms. Gurjeet Kour

Gurjeet Kour

President of ‘THE – SARA’ is an avid writer &  poet holding a Bachelors Degree in Microbiology and Masters in English Literature. She is having a deep passion for nurturing poetry in English language.

Ms. Rupinder Kour

Rupinder Kour

Vice-President of ‘THE – SARA’ is an experienced PGT teacher by Profession.

Ms. Anisha Dhar

Anisha Dhar 1

A Clinical Psychologist by Profession is Head of Counseling Division of ‘THE – SARA’.

Ms. Manpreet Kour

Manpreet Kour

Finance & Compliance Head.

Ms. Sonia Khullar

Sonia Khullar

An experienced Kindergarten Teacher is Advisor for Share With Schools Initiative.

Dr. Raminder Jit Singh

Raminder Jit Singh

Operations Head of ‘THE – SARA’ is a CEO of Registered Media House Raaz Media. He also writes Opinion Pieces/Articles for Tehelka, Counter Currents, Daily Excelsior and other Journals. Read here